Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini® Playmat
Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini® Playmat
Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini® Playmat
Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini® Playmat

Tiny Love Polar Wonders™ Plush Gymini® Playmat

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Ultra-soft activity mat designed with high-quality fabrics and premium materials. Explore & discover in an arctic wonderland!
  • PROMOTES BABY'S DEVELOPMENT: A diverse collection of activities and cute toys that promote babies’ developmental wonders, encouraging motor skills, cognition, imagination and more.
  • AUDIO AND VISUAL STIMULATION: 2 fun responsive electronic toys - including a cute musical husky that promotes the understanding of cause & effect and pretty lights snowflake - provide a fun and stimulating auditory and visual experience.
  • STYLISH & ADORABLE: Cozy, soft rich-textured baby gym designed with charming arctic theme, elegant color palette, premium materials and high quality fabrics that look beautiful in any home.
  • COZY PLAYING ENVIRONMENT: Adjustable arches and elevated ultra-padded borders make for a diverse and secure playing environment.
  • Part of the Polar Wonders™ Collection - encouraging babies to explore & discover in an Arctic wonderland.
  1. Ultra-padded elevated borders for a cozy nesting feeling
  2. Baby activated musical husky with 3 melodies
  3. Snowflake with 3-color LED lightshow
  4. Adjustable arches for more play modes
  5. Cozy polar bear blanky
  6. Seal mirror with textured flippers
  7. Machine washable mat
  8. Penguin tummy time pillow
  9. Fish teether
  10. Soft reindeer rattle with easy-grip ring

0-6 months
The gym’s colors and soft textures stimulate baby’s senses from the very first days. Use the special penguin tummy time pillow and textured seal mirror to help baby stay a little longer in the tummy time position.

6+ months
As babies grow, they will learn to activate the musical husky toy and fun snowflake to enjoy the fund lights & music feedback. Let baby explore these toys to help in the process of grasping the idea of cause and effect.


While playing on their backs, babies will enjoy cozy feel created by the soft, ultra-padded borders.

Tummy Time
Cute tummy time penguin pillow, engaging seal mirror and other features will help extend tummy time and encourage gross motor skills.

Sit & Play
When in the sitting position, baby can continue exploring the toys and enjoy the auditory and visual stimulation.

    These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can help encourage in your baby:

    Gross Motor Skills
    The spacious and cozy play area let’s babies stretch their bodies, experiment with movement and roll over, while the activities, seal mirror and fun music and light toys help extend tummy time.

    Fine Motor Skills
    While lying on the back and tummy, baby practices grasping skills and develops hand control.


    The Gymini® features wealth of textures, colors, sounds and features that provide auditory, visual and tactile stimulation.


    As babies plays with the various activities available on the mat, the understanding of cause & effect and object permanence begins to form in their mind.

    The Gymin®'s unique arch structure creates an "arch effect", a reassuring, comforting space that lets babies relax and concentrate on the product's stimuli.

    Language & Communication

    As parents talk to their babies and point out the various toys and elements in the Gymini®, babies develop their language and communication skills.

    Imagination & Creativity

    The Gymini®'s versatile quality inspires babies' imagination and creativity, showing them the same object from different perspectives when their own position changes (on the back, in tummy time, on the side) and when the toys' position changes on the arches.